Getting Connected

Small Groups, Baptisms, Kingdom Men, and Volunteering

Small Groups

Small Group Options:

At FBC, we encourage everyone to participate in these special times of smaller groups. This is an essential strategy for spiritual growth and developing the rich community life that God intends for His church.

Sunday School 9:30-10:15am

Youth Group Adults Adults Adults Adults
6:30-8:00PM 11:00-1:00PM (lunch included) 6:30-8:00PM 6:30-8:00PM 7:00-8:00PM
@ Jim Brosius' home
715 Pearl St
(419) 308-0787
@ the church @ New Life Community Center
529 Ridge St
@ Joe & Jayne McKanna's home
428 N Prospect St
@ Jim & Pam Brosius' home
715 Pearl St
Leader: Karen Leach Leader: Pastor Tom /
Chris Lanham

Kingdom Men

Building faithful men for the kingdom of God

Monthly Saturday breakfast and Bible study, currently scheduled for October 20, November 17, December 8, at 8:00-9:30AM @ Frisch's Big Boy on East Wooster Avenue in Bowling Green.
Please RSVP to Pastor Tom Mullins (219) 742-1208 or


Nothing will connect you better than volunteering your time and skills to be used of God in ministry. Each one of us is uniquely designed to serve within the body of Christ. At FBC, our desire is that you would discover your God-given gifts and abilities, and then use them to make a difference in the church and community of Bowling Green.